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Alocasia Cucullata (Hooded Dwarf Elephant Ear) Plant


  • Live plants along with colored plastic pot and base tray.
  • Plants have 5-6 Giant Leaves in 8 inches pot size.
  • Plants nature is indoor, outdoor shade loving plant.
  • Useful for tabletop plants and gift plants.
  • Best foliage plant for home, office, or garden.
  • The plant is pet-friendly

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Alocasia cucullata (Hooded Dwarf Elephant Ear) Plant

The Alocasia cucullata is a beautiful plant ever, The Alocasia Cucullata plant, nicknamed ‘Buddha’s Palm,’ is a famous houseplant choice. It has earned this unique name because of its slender stems attached to large heart-shaped leaves that seem to be waving with the slightest of breezes. The Cucullata plant thrives in bright, dappled sunlight. It requires environments with average humidity. The Alocasia Cucullata plants love pleasantly warm temperatures and enjoy being misted from time to time. These beauties do best in soils that are moist and well-draining. The Alocasia Cucullata is a tropical species that belongs to the Alocasia plant group, also known as elephant ear plants. The Cucullata species is smaller than its fellow members, making it an ideal


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