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Monstera Dubia – Variegated Shingling Houseplant


  • Type: Houseplants
  • Common Name: Shingle Plant
  • Genus: Monstera
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Growth Habit: Climbing
  • Sunlight: Bright Filtered
  • Pot size 6″
  • Plant height with pot 12 inches

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Monstera Dubia – Variegated Shingling plant

Monstera Dubia is a Rare plant in the genus Monstera native to Central and South America. Monstera dubia is known for the dramatic transformation its foliage makes as it climbs from seed stage on the forest floor to shingling closely up a host tree trunk or another surface, until mature leaves with fenestrations similar to Monstera deliciosa appear.

Monstera Dubia is a fast-growing aroid (an established plant will put out 1 new leaf per week under the right conditions).

Monstera dubia (Shingle Plant) are characterized by small heart-shaped leaves with both light green and dark green variegation and the leaves lie flat against whatever they are growing on. In the wild, they develop fenestrations and lose their variegation. Mature leaves hang from the vine.

Leaves are beautifully variegated green with shimmering silver streaks. They literally sparkle in the sunlight! It prefers bright, indirect sunlight and semi-frequent watering. Mechanical wear to leaves is as shown in pictures. Stem, node and roots are healthy.

This is not a houseplant for beginners. It is fast and easy to grow under the right conditions, and will need to be trained onto a mosspole or totem as soon as it is planted. New growth will be small if the plant is not trained onto growing support.

How to grow:

WateringWater your Monstera when the top few inches of the potting medium is dry.

LightsDon’t place your Monstera near a drafty window or heating or cooling vents. If the leaf edges start to brown, more humidity is needed.

Fertilizers: Use organic fertilizer, in every 3 months.


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