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Dieffenbachia seguine ‘Maroba’ Plant


  • The Live plant will be coming in well-stable potted condition.
  •  Plants height 18-24 inches with 6-inch pot.
  •  Plant contains 3-5 leaves, with safe packaging.
  •  Plants nature is indoor & semi-shade, water twice a week.
  •  Useful for gifts Plants, ground cover, office decorative.
  •  Best foliage plants & beautiful leaves, hardy and easy maintenance.
  •  Assured safe delivery with easy replacement.

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1. Aesthetic Brilliance: Dieffenbachia seguine ‘Maroba’ is a captivating cultivar, distinguished by its lush green foliage adorned with unique patterns. Moreover, its variegated leaves boast stunning shades of green, cream, and white, collectively creating a mesmerizing visual contrast that effortlessly commands attention.

2. Low-Maintenance Elegance: Embrace the elegance of Dieffenbachia seguine ‘Maroba’ while sidestepping the stress of demanding care routines. This plant thrives in moderate light conditions, making it an ideal choice for various indoor spaces. Additionally, its water requirements are undemanding; it prefers evenly moist soil, yet it can tolerate occasional drying out without issue.

3. Air Purification: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, ‘Maroba’ serves as an active contributor to improved indoor air quality. Notably, as a natural air purifier, it efficiently eliminates common pollutants, thereby fostering a healthier and fresher living environment.

4. Easy Propagation: Should the desire for more ‘Maroba’ plants arise, propagation becomes an effortless endeavor. Stem cuttings, for instance, can be readily rooted in either water or soil. This presents a wonderful opportunity to expand your collection and, equally appealing, to share the exquisite beauty of this plant with your cherished friends and family.

5. Cautions: While ‘Maroba’ undoubtedly makes a delightful addition to any living space, it’s imperative to note that its leaves contain sap capable of causing mild skin irritation. To ensure utmost safety, it’s recommended to keep the plant out of reach of both pets and children. Therefore, handling this remarkable plant with care is of paramount importance.


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