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Monstera Peru Plant


  •  Live plant along with Plastic pot.
  •  Plants’ height with pot is 8-12 inches and pot size is 4-inch diameter.
  •  The plants’ nature is Indoor/semi-shade, with less watering.
  •  Useful for balcony, terrace, and garden.
  •  Best foliage creeper with beautiful texture on leaves.

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Monstera Peru Plant

Monstera Peru care is easy, which is kind of surprising considering this plant is a somewhat rare and fast-growing plant. Monsteras are gorgeous plants in general, with their rubbery, glossy, color and finish gorgeous Peru’s leaves and fast-growing nature, the Monstera Peru is a multifaceted plant that will grow quickly to fill your home with tropical beauty.

Monstera Peru easy to care

The Monstera Karstenianum, more commonly known as the Monstera Peru, is a rare plant that looks like a Monstera but acts like a succulent. It doesn’t grow very large and has vibrant glossy, green leaves that feel leathery to the touch. They also have a gorgeous deep green veining on the leaves.

The more mature the plant gets, the deeper and darker the veins will get, appearing like an intricate carving. Unlike the Monstera Deliciosa and Monstera Adansonii, this variety doesn’t have any holes or fenestrations (splits) in the leaves.

Plant Care


Light is an important part of Monstera Peru care. Like most tropical plants, it enjoys bright, indirect light. It can tolerate a couple of hours of direct sunlight in the morning. In summer when the days get longer and brighter. Too much bright direct light will damage it. Additionally, the more sunlight it gets, the more you’ll have to water it.


Water it twice a week while it is actively growing in the spring and summer and always check that the top 2 inches of soil are completely dry before doing so. Otherwise, you risk overwatering the plant and causing root rot—just like another monstera. A pot with a drainage hole is also a good idea for this reason. Keep your Peru happy!


The soil will also affect its watering requirements. Choose well-draining soil, and water your Monstera Peru more often without worrying that it’ll become saturated. Monstera Peru requires moist, rich soil with good drainage.

Food for Monstera

For best results, feed the plant once a month throughout the spring and summer. A little bit of food will go a long way to encourage growth and root health. No fertilizer is necessary during the winter—it’s important to give your Monstera a chance to rest during the cooler time of year.

Family Araceae
Plant Type Perennial, vine
Mature Size 6-8 ft. tall


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