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Radermachera Sinica Bonsai Plant (China Doll)


  • Live plant along with a colour plastic pot of 6 inches.
  • Plant height is 12-18 inches respectively along with the pot.
  • Plants’ nature is indoor semi-shade, alternate day watering.
  • Use it as a small shade tree for lawns or to brighten up tables and window sills.

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Radermachera Sinica Bonsai Plant

Radermachera Sinica, commonly called China doll, serpent tree, or emerald tree, is a broad-leaved evergreen tree that is native to subtropical mountain areas. China doll has become a popular houseplant, featuring bipinnate compound leaves with glossy dark green leaflets. Radermachera Sinica Bonsai has medium to dark green glossy leaves that almost look a bit oily. The leaves are divided into separate leaflets and are generally thin and delicate looking. The blooms are white (but it rarely blooms in the home).

The china doll plant is a very popular houseplant. It is a relatively compact plant that has become very popular due to its high tolerance to low humidity in the air.

Bonsai plants are small and compact, making them perfect desk decor or a lovely addition to brightly lit countertops, tables, or window sills. The plant can be used to cover blank, empty walls, create a mini forest look, or fill empty corners.

Care for China doll plant
  • Water Once A Week:- Always check your plants before watering, the topsoil should be dry to the touch.
  • Needs Bright Indirect Sunlight:- Place your plants on window sills where they can get the brightest possible indirect light. Bright indirect light is when the plant is within a couple of feet of a natural source of light.
  • Toxic To Pets:- The plant can cause anything from irritation to fatal damage to your pets on contact or ingestion. Prolonged exposure can result in long-term side effects and death.
  • Temperature and Humidity:-  China doll plants appreciate warm and humid conditions in your home. They do good in temperatures between 20-30 degree Celsius. Radermachera Sinica Thrives in a humid place.

 Plant Attributes


Botanical Name Radermachera sinica
Common Name China Doll, Radermachera Tree Bonsai, Serpent Tree, Emerald Tree
Plant Type Bonsai
Mature Size 20-30 inches (indoors), 12-15 inches wide (indoors)
Sun Exposure Full sun, partial shade
Soil Type Moist but well-drained
Soil pH Neutral to acidic
Bloom Time Summer (rarely blooms indoors)
Flower Color White, yellow
Quality glossy and shiny leaves.
Native Area Asia


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