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Nephrolepis exaltata bosteniensis, Boston Fern – Plant


  • Live plant along with a plastic pot.
  • The plant is bushy and the pot size is 4 inches in diameter.
  • Plants nature is indoor/semi shade, less watering.
  • Best foliage plants, useful for balcony, creeping and gift plants.

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About Nephrolepis Exaltata Bosteniensis

Nephrolepis exaltata, known as the sword fern or Boston fern, is a species of fern in the family Lomariopsidaceae. The Boston fern is one of the most well-known ferns and admired for its desirable traits as a houseplant.Boston ferns are typically attractive, with long, graceful fronds bedecked with tiny leaves. It is a relatively tough fern, with a higher tolerance for light than other species, and as far as ferns go, they are more tolerant of dry conditions and easy to propagate.

Nephrolepis Exaltata Bosteniensis Care

Initial care for 1-2 weeks after receiving plant at your location:

  • Keep the plant in Natural indirect /Artificial bright Light.
  • Poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.
  • Water when top soil (1-2 inches) feels dry to touch.
  • Do not re-pot for min. 2 weeks after receiving it.

Key requirements to keep plant healthy: 

Sunlight Natural indirect bright light/Artificial bright light area.
  • Water a plant when the topsoil in the pot (1 to 2 inch) feels dry to touch.
  • Do not overwater the plant
Soil Soil should be well drain and fertile, rich in organic content.
Temperature 15 – 27 degrees Celsius.
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer.

Nephrolepis Exaltata Bosteniensis Special Feature

The NASA Clean Air Study determined that this plant was effective at removing common household air toxins formaldehyde and xylene.

Nephrolepis Exaltata Bosteniensis Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • Can be grown indoor and outdoor as pot plant or on garden
  • It can also be grown on hanging basket


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