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Hollyhock Carnival – Flower Seeds


  • Temperature: 15-35 C, 30 to 80% Germination
  •  Watering: Daily.
  •  Sunlight: Direct sunlight required.
  •  Sowing Method: Seedling/ Direct Sowing
  •  Bed Sowing: 6 inches to 1 feet distance.
  •  Quantity: 30 seeds

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Growing hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) in the garden is the goal of many gardeners who remember these impressive flowers from their youth. The flower stalks on hollyhocks can reach heights of 9 feet tall! They can tower above a garden, adding a lovely vertical element to your yard.

Let, s look at a few tips on hollyhocks to help you grow them in your yard.

Planting And Care

  • After the growing season is over, Hollyhock should be cut back to ground level
  • To assure that the plant doesn, t get killed out completely, cover the area with mulch, in case the winter is real harsh
  • Insect and Disease:Insects problems are not too common and can be treated with insecticides and insecticidal soaps
  • Rust disease is a common problem
  • We recommend you apply fungicides regularly

Hollyhock Carnival Care

  • Planting hollyhock may be done in spring or fall
  • Select a sunny location sheltered from the wind
  • Try to have the soil worked up at least one week before planting time
  • Spring plantings will be safer in areas where winters are severe
  • Plant as soon as nursery stock is received
  • If plantings must be delayed, place the hollyhock in a cool, shaded area and keep the roots moist
  • Hollyhock seedlings are grown in a special planting mixture to promote fast growth
  • Do not pull this material away from the roots, but set the top of the planting material level with the soil line
  • Firm the soil around the plants and roots by pressing the soil with your hands
  • Water well to eliminate air pockets that may form around the roots
Sunlight Hollyhock like full sun.
Watering Water as needed to keep the soil moist at all times.
Soil Hollyhock likes rich, well drained soil.
Fertilizer Adding a general purpose fertilizer once a month will result in bigger, fuller blooms.
Harvest Season August

Hollyhock Carnival Special Feature

Hollyhocks grow heart-shaped leaves that clump up into a mound below the flower stalks.

Hollyhock CarnivalDwarf Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • The showy blossoms on hollyhocks make great cut flowers for bouquets
  • They add a traditional look to cottage gardens
  • Use these flowers as border plants, mass plantings and showcase plants
  • Hollyhocks are visually appealing when placed along a fence or a wall
  • Hollyhocks are one of the few plants that can grow under black walnut trees
  • They tolerate the toxin emitted through the roots of the black walnut trees


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