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Fengshui Wheel Arrangement Lucky Bamboo


  • Live spiral lucky bamboo plant along with the plastic base.
  •  Plant height between 30 cms.
  •  Good luck (fortune) plant, bring prosperity and wealth at the home.
  •  Indoor plant, useful for decor home and office.

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Elegant and easy to grow, our two-layer lucky bamboo is a perfect gift for giving on some professional occasion as well as the casual one. It can also increase the look of your study table and also give you positive vibes while doing work. One of the strongest Fengshui elements, they are the symbol of good luck and fortune.

Also according to Feng Shui masters, wherever bamboo is placed, good fortune is sure to follow. Its a traditional symbol of happiness, wealth, and health. It is also being said that every new growing leaf will bring luck and prosperity to the owner. They can easily survive in vases of pure water or in soil, and under various light conditions. There is no need for regular attention to grow this product.

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