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Dracaena Limelight


  • Plant height with pot is 2 feet & pot size 6 inches.
  • Indoor air purifier.
  • Low-maintenance plant.
  • Used in landscaping.
  •  Bright indoors

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Dracaena Limelight, Dracaena deremensis ‘Limelight’

Dracaena Limelight is the most liked plant for interior decoration due to its old canes and bright chartreuse glossy strap-like leaves.

Dracaena Limelight is a tropical plant with upright, bold canes and bright chartreuse glossy strap-like leaves. It is a popular ornamental houseplant grown in both indoor and outdoor climates. It has a stalky stem with long green leaves with light yellow strips running through the stem.

It does well in low light condition and its wide leaves are long and arc gracefully from the stalk.

Dracaenas are a group of houseplants, Dracaena limelight Plant Native to Madagascar, Dracaena marginata is the classic houseplant for most locations. The leaves are long, linear, narrow, attached to the stem without a stalk. The stems or trunks usually are un-branched when young, eventually branching when mature to form spreading, vase-shaped trees. Dragon trees are grown as houseplants like bright indirect light, though will tolerate low light, the foliage will be less bright. Dracena requires bright but not direct light and the leaves will brown or drop if the light is too high or low. Keep the soil moist during the regular growing season and cut back in the winter. Do not over pot as it likes to be snug in its pot. Does best if provided with humidity as misting or sitting on a pebble tray with water.

Care for Dracaena Limelight

Light: Indirect Sunlight

Water: Twice a week

Feed: General purpose fertilizer once a month

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Light: Bright indirect sunlight
  • Watering: Water once a week
  • Place: Bright indoors
  • Character: Air-purifying


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