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Bougainvillea Dwarf (Pink) – Plant


  • Live plant along with Plastic pot.
  • Flower Color: Crush red color,
  • Leaves Color: Yellow green variegated
  • Plant Type: Dwarf Variety
  •  Plants’ height is 12-18 inches and pot size is 6 inches.
  •  Plants nature is outdoor & love full sun.
  •  Required watering once a day.
  •  Annual Flowering & hardy plant.

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 Bougainvillea Dwarf Plant (Pink Color)

The Bougainvillea Dwarf plant is a cultivar of the popular flowering plant, Bougainvillea.

Bougainvilleas are native to South America, but they have been widely cultivated around the world due to their attractive flowers and adaptability to a range of growing conditions. They are commonly grown as climbing or trailing plants, often trained to grow on trellises or along walls.

The Bougainvillea is a particularly well-suited cultivar for growing in warm, subtropical climates, although it can also be grown in cooler areas with proper care. Like other Bougainvilleas, it prefers bright, indirect light and well-drained soil, and it should be watered regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Overall,  Bougainvillea is a beautiful and eye-catching addition to any garden, and its abundant flowers make it a popular choice among gardeners and horticulturists.

Special Features

Flower Color: Crush red color,
Leaves Color: Yellow-green variegated
Plant Type: Dwarf Variety
Maximum Height: Upto 4 to 5 Feet.


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